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Heinz Strunk became more obsessive during Corona pandemic


You can find the original article here: Heinz Strunk became more obsessive during Corona pandemic

Writer and entertainer Heinz Strunk became more compulsive during the Corona pandemic. “Although there was such an infinite amount of time, I became even more obsessive,” he told Der Spiegel magazine, according to advance reports Friday. During the pandemic, he said, “everyone went for a walk all the time,” himself a maximum of five times, according to his own account.

Strunk described his daily work routine as disciplined. To work, he said, he sets an alarm clock for one hour. “Then I write until it rings, then I rest for three quarters of an hour, then I write again for an hour,” Strunk said.

His daily goal is a net of four hours, he said. This balance had to be right during the pandemic as well, he said. He finds it difficult to get out of work mode and into enjoyment mode. He feels that writing novels is torture. Strunk described it as “a black hole that sucks energy.”

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