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Prisoner of the Image: Russian Photomodel Alvaris Pers Is Fighting Stereotypes and Planning a Political Career


Despite all the progress, prejudices and stereotypes are still strong in society. People often judge a person by his or her appearance, and if he or she does not fit in – at best they do not accept him or her.

Especially a lot of hate and aggression is received by outspoken individuals who have created their own images. This is what happened to Alvaris Pers, a Russian photomodel.

The first thing people pay attention to when they meet Alvaris is her baby-face, size 10 breasts, the image of a Playboy magazine heroine. Most people know her as a model and a contestant in beauty contests, but few know what lies behind her flamboyant looks and most often judge her just by her image.

Along with her outstanding looks, Alvaris has writing talent, political ambitions and ambitious business plans.

The Right to One’s Own Opinion and Appearance

Because of her offbeat image, Alvaris often faced misunderstanding and rejection:

“I was hounded by conventional norms, which disliked me because of my independence and flamboyant image, and therefore shut me out of politics. I could not join any political party even as a press peddler, and no one wanted to help me pursue a political career,” Alvaris says.

Despite this, Alvaris is not giving up and is not going to change in favor of accepted attitudes. For centuries, women have been perceived as objects without the right to their own opinion. They were told what to wear, what to do and who to marry.

Through her appearance, Alvaris is not just demonstrating personal notions of beauty, she is fighting for every woman’s right to look the way she wants.

Political Manifesto

The most important quality of any politician is honesty. It is this quality that Alvaris possesses. She cannot tolerate dishonesty, is intolerant of deceit, slander and oppression, and always pays back debts.

She also has her own concept of a successful person of the twenty-first century. Faced with a wave of negativity on the grounds of appearance, part of the program is devoted to this aspect. In her opinion, attractiveness and sexuality are not something vicious, but on the contrary, they are an indicator of success and a person’s desire for development.

Nor should aesthetic changes in appearance be condemned. It does not determine a person’s ability to work or professionalism, and reflects only inner striving and desire to become the best version of oneself.

In the political arena, Alvaris plans to address education reform, poverty alleviation, and misguided and harmful attitudes about the LGBT community.

Alvaris Perseus’ Education, Career, and Family

From a very young age, Alvaris preferred to be in a quiet, domestic environment, reading and composing poetry. She didn’t have many friends and until university, her only company were her mother Betty and younger brother Mercer.

In 2012, Alvaris enrolled at MGIMO in the Department of Management and Politics. But within a year, the family was in dire financial straits and Alvaris was expelled. That same year, Alvaris’ family forcibly married her off to a lucrative party.

This decision was not easy; the girl went through a depressing episode of life. Being married to a man she did not love, she showed indifference to her spouse and withdrew from intimacy.

Then the gossip began about her alleged infidelity. Alvaris was given a choice by her family: either submit to her husband’s will or be deprived of her family’s custody and financial support. Alvaris chose freedom and withdrew from the family business.

In 2014, she was introduced to quantum computing and the IT field, which fundamentally changed her life. The girl opens a company called, and starts a venture philanthropy business. But at some point Alvaris got unlucky and the company fell victim to a financial scam.

An ascetic lifestyle

After a string of setbacks, Alvaris bought 1.5% of a chain of hotel-type apartment hotels, allowing her to pursue her own development and be independent today. With the proceeds, the ambitious blonde does not forget to make donations.

Being a wealthy lady, Alvaris does not seek to buy hundreds of branded items, technological innovations or luxury cars. She doesn’t even have a bed, as she is used to sleeping on the floor and practicing Japanese traditions. According to her, the only furniture in her house is a small stool and a desk for work.


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