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“There are a lot of Emotions, but They are Good Because our Spirit Cannot be Broken”: Ukrainian Guardsmen Made a Video About Their Military Service


The story of how they had to enter the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, of their life before the war and of how their service is going now, was told by soldiers of the Vyshgorod brigade.


In the video, three National Guardsmen with call signs “Shyp”, “Karpo” and “Menshyi” talk about themselves. Shyp, who used to work as a school history teacher before the war, is now the company deputy commander. The lad decided to defend his homeland following his father and brother. They have been at war since the very beginning – since 2014.

Machine gunner Karpo had just graduated from the National Transport University and went to work when the war started. The start of Karpo’s conscript service almost coincided with the start of Russia’s attack.

Squad Leader Menshyi is a medical rehabilitator for people with musculoskeletal problems.

The main motive of the heroes of the video was the understanding that an act of military aggression had been committed against Ukraine, and they had to go to war, despite the fact that they could not believe to the end that the country had been insidiously attacked.


None of the guys had taken part in combat operations up to that point, but they gained combat experience very quickly, because from the first days they defended Kiev near Irpen.

At the moment the soldiers are at the checkpoint. Their duties include checking documents and cars, communicating with locals who help look for suspicious people.

The locals treat the guys very favorably – the army was awaited here – and now support them in every way they can, providing them with food and hygiene products. Even if you need a tractor or other equipment, for example, everything is delivered very quickly.

At the end of the video, Shyp quoted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as saying “Great people of a great country!” and added “Hold on”, because holding on, holding on to their country is the only thing Ukrainians can do, do and will do until complete victory over the enemy!


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