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Sanctions for Hartz IV recipients largely suspended


You can find the original article here: Sanctions for Hartz IV recipients largely suspended

The sanctions for violations of duty of Hartz IV recipients will be largely suspended for a year. The Bundesrat gave the green light for this plan of the federal government on Friday. The Bundestag had already passed the regulation amending the Social Code in May.

With the new law there are sanctions for Hartz IV recipients only with unusual failures to report – and then also only in an amount of ten per cent instead of so far up to 30 per cent of the emoluments. This means that anyone who misses an appointment at the job center, for example, must expect a corresponding deduction. Refusal to accept a job, on the other hand, will no longer result in a sanction.

The suspension of Hartz IV sanctions, which is to last for one year, is the precursor to the citizen’s income planned by the traffic light coalition, which is to replace the current Hartz IV system next year. In the course of the citizen’s income, which the SPD, the Greens and the FDP agreed on in their coalition agreement, the obligations of benefit recipients to cooperate and any future sanctions are to be redefined.

Bavarian Labor Minister Ulrike Scharf (CSU) sharply criticized the plan in the Bundesrat. “The law breaks with a proven system,” she said. “It invalidates the golden rule of the welfare state principle: promote and demand.” She said the new regulation sends a “fundamentally wrong signal”: “No matter what you do: the job centers pay.” This, he said, is “at the expense of taxpayers.”

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