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Zierfuß on parent-teacher demos: Wiederkehr’s reform flop enters second round


Parents and teachers demonstrate again for better use of resources – Education City Council must finally take concerns of parents and teachers seriously

Vienna (OTS) – “More and more teachers are running away from Vienna. While at the beginning of the year there were 25 teachers per month who terminated their employment, there are now 25 terminations per week. Thus the city loses within only seven days the Lehrkräftepotential of a whole school”, criticizes education speaker local councillor Harald Zierfuß.

“It is with it no miracle that tomorrow again many parents and teachers on the road will go, in order to demonstrate for a better resources employment in Vienna schools. The reform flop of education city councillor Christoph Wiederkehr finally goes into the second round,” says Zierfuß. Instead of actually using the teachers allocated by the federal government in the classroom, some of them are misused for administrative and bureaucratic tasks. “We have therefore submitted a corresponding audit request to the City Audit Office so that in the future all federally funded positions are actually deployed professionally in the classroom. Because especially Vienna’s students need every single teacher directly on site in the classroom,” the education spokesman continued.

But whoever wants to have well-trained and highly motivated teachers for Vienna’s pupils must also create an appropriate working environment and framework conditions. “Compulsory school teachers are sought throughout the country and Vienna already has disproportionately greater challenges in the classes than other federal states. With altogether larger classes despite equal teacher allocation as well as an unequally high number of extraordinary pupils in Vienna’s schools, the federal capital in particular must fight for every single teacher in order not to suffer any further loss of quality due to the migration of teachers,” demands education spokesman Harald Zierfuß. Therefore one will place in the coming local council also an appropriate resolution request with ten concrete demand points for the active fight of the teacher emergency in Vienna. “It is clearly Wiederkehrs job to provide for well trained and motivated teachers in our city”, so Zierfuß finally.

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