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100 euros for 100 apprentices for one apprenticeship


The new HOGAST scholarship for apprentices in tourism – Apply now and boost your salary!

Munich (OTS) – Apprentice years are not master years? Forget it. That saying is so 20th century! Zetties (= members of Generation Z, i.e. young people between 15 and 25) can only shrug their shoulders wearily. Today, apprentices are in high demand, especially in tourism. Unfortunately, the numbers have been declining steadily for years. This may be due to some outdated teaching content, the poor image of the industry and apprenticeships in general. If at all, young people study at tourism colleges in order to obtain an academic degree. In the mistaken belief that they will then be able to get right to the top in management.

It’s nice that in Austria you can also do an apprenticeship in tourism on an academic level or with a high school diploma. We need well-trained people, we also need scientific research in tourism. But we don’t just need managers. Tourism is a people’s business, where above all people work with people. People have to be involved in the kitchen, on the floor, in the restaurant, at breakfast, at the reception. It’s all about empathy, communication, technology, craftsmanship, psychology and, above all and in the first place, the joy of hospitality. What could be better than the authentic, warm smile of a receptionist upon arrival or upon check-out? Or the expert advice of a waiter when choosing a drink? And what could be better than making a guest happy? Bringing down a stressed guest? Inspiring a fed-up guest?

Jobs in tourism

Cook/waiter? Restaurant specialist? Hotel clerk? Hotel and hospitality assistant? Pastry chef? Gastronomy specialist? System catering specialist? These are all recognized apprenticeships! But: You’d better learn something good, think and say many parents who have heard many bad things about the industry. But first of all, these are often rumors from long ago, and secondly, cook/waitress/restaurant specialist/confectioner and so on are among the safest professions today. And among the most varied, see above.

Tourism has repeatedly proven to be crisis-proof – even the stupid virus could only unsettle it for a short time. Now things are looking up again. But: There is a lack of employees. They are also no longer coming from neighboring countries to the east and north. Many left the industry during the pandemic. So it’s best to train them yourself. The best recruiting today is to train your own apprentices.

The HOGAST apprenticeship campaign

HOGAST recognized this early on and, in collaboration with the Talentify agency, launched an initiative in 2018 to get more people interested in training in tourism again. The centerpiece of this campaign is the homepage []
( Social media posts with the
hashtag #halloimtourism are shared here, and young people can also find out about careers in the hotel and catering industry, HOGASTJOB businesses and their apprenticeships, and test which tourism job they would be particularly well suited for.

New: The apprentice scholarship

With the new initiative, which is to run first three years, sets the HOGAST – always at the pulse of the time – completely in the sense of its member enterprises still one drauf: Now tourism apprentices can get themselves with the HOGAST a scholarship: 100 euro additionally each month for 100 apprentices – over the entire apprenticeship period! Thus the argument, one earns less as an apprentice in the industry than elsewhere, is finally passé. If you add in the free board & lodging in places where others like to vacation, apprentices in tourism are actually doing very well financially.

Participation is not limited to just one apprentice per company. A top training company can therefore send several of its talented youngest employees into the race. They can enter at any time, even in their second or third year of apprenticeship. Interested apprentices create a profile on [] ( and upload a letter of motivation and an application video. The application deadline is July 31, 2022.

By the beginning of September, apprentices will be notified by mail whether they are eligible for the scholarship. A specially formed HOGAST panel makes the selection. Over the course of the apprenticeship, HOGAST then requires an annual letter of recommendation from the participating company. Then HOGAST extends the scholarship. At the end, the apprentice is supposed to make a short video about his apprenticeship, which will also whet the apprenticeship appetite of others. But such a video on one’s own behalf should not be a problem for a real Zettie.

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