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Aquagem InverPro redefines the energy-saving pool pump


Guangzhou, China (ots/PRNewswire) – Aquagem, inventor of the inverter pool pump, presents how its latest full inverter technology offers users a more energy efficient pool system.

Along with the biggest global energy crisis, electricity prices in Europe are skyrocketing. Providing energy-saving products becomes the task of enterprises. Aquagem develops the inverter pool pump to contribute to a more energy efficient pool.

InverSilence® Tech: infinitely variable speed control, limitless energy efficiency

The evolution of pool pumps from fixed to variable speed shows an undeniable trend: multiple speed options. And why?

Behind multiple pool pump speeds are the varied demands of pool use and maintenance, such as filtration, heating, plumbing and backwashing. Each usage scenario requires a different water flow rate, and a pool pump with defined speeds inevitably leads to wasted energy.

The inverter pool pump is not limited by speed regulation to specific levels, but can regulate the speed continuously from 30% to 100%, providing multiple speed options for different scenarios and creating a perfect balance between the requirements of different scenes and energy efficiency.

InverPro: No excessive energy costs, no excessive user operation.

Thanks to patented InverSilence® technology, Aquagem’s InverPro inverter pool pump allows users to adjust the flow rate and the pump automatically adjusts the speed in real time. Therefore, the inverter pool pumps always run at the most appropriate flow rate for maximum energy conservation. It can also provide active learning about the actual operating pressure of the piping and the working conditions in the pool.

With InverSilence® technology, the InverPro achieves up to 15 times greater energy savings than on/off pool pumps.

The magic of InverPro:

* 15 times energy savings – enables 24/7 flowing, crystal clear pool water

* 30 times quieter – 36 dB(A) for a quiet swimming experience

* Intelligent full touch screen – for easy and convenient operation

* Smart technology – AI mode with automatic learning and lower maintenance costs

The inverter pool pump is a revolution in technology and ease of use. In many countries, household energy bills have increased by 25% in recent years. With 2030 approaching and zero carbon policies being pushed, the benefits of inverter technology for pool pumps are clear.

About Aquagem

Aquagem is the first leading supplier of full inverter pool pumps based in Guangdong, China. We design, develop, manufacture and market value-added inverter pool pumps for global users. Learn more about Aquagem.

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