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AVISO: Press conference of IG Windkraft: Tuesday, 28.6.2022, 9.30 a.m., St. Pölten


Immediate program wind power: Independence for Lower Austria

St. Pölten (OTS) – Program for an appropriate response from the province of Lower Austria to the energy crisis

The consequences of the Ukraine war and the tension on the energy markets are becoming increasingly noticeable. The commitments to more climate protection are also becoming more concrete. The province of Lower Austria is particularly affected by this. Nevertheless, there are still numerous obstacles to the expansion of renewable energies in Lower Austria. Therefore, there is an immediate need to adapt the legal framework at all political levels so that the expansion of wind turbines, solar plants, hydropower plants and biomass plants can also take place on a large scale in Lower Austria and thus effectively counter the energy crisis. In the future, the availability of domestic renewable energy will be decisive for Lower Austria as a business location and for a good life for the population.

Immediate program wind power
At this press conference, IG Windkraft will present in detail how Lower Austria can overcome its dependence on natural gas and crude oil, what contribution wind power can make to this end, and what it will take in concrete terms for Lower Austria to increase the share of renewable energy in its energy supply to 100 percent. In this way, a secure and affordable power supply can be achieved and the business location in Lower Austria can be secured in the long term.

Date and place:

Tuesday, 28.6.2022

9.30 o’clock

hotel Metropol

seminar area “pc. Pölten” in the 1. floor

Schillerplatz 1

3100 pc. Pölten

As interlocutors*innen are available
to you:

* Herbert Stava
Stv. Chairman of the IG wind power

* Ursula Nährer
Juristin of the IG wind power

* Stefan Moidl
managing director of the IG wind power

With the request for feedback under [email protected], whether you participate, we remain

with kind regards

IG wind power Austria

IG wind power Austria
Martin Jaksch fly snow
Mobil: 0660/20 50 755
[email protected]

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