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Bernhuber: EU agriculture needs full toolbox for security of supply


ÖVP environment spokesman in the European Parliament criticizes expected EU Commission proposal for mandatory pesticide reduction

Brussels (OTS) – According to the plans of the EU Commission expected for today, the use of chemical pesticides in the EU is to be reduced by 50 percent by the year 2030. According to advance information, the ambitious targets are to be enforced primarily through national targets. “The EU Commission has published in its own feasibility study that the implementation of the farm-to-fork strategy and the reduction of pesticides could lead to 15 percent less production in the EU,” says Alexander Bernhuber, environment spokesman of the Austrian People’s Party delegation in the EU Parliament ahead of the presentation of the new legislation.

“In the coming years, there is a threat of drastic yield losses if crops are not fertilized and treated sufficiently and weather conditions become increasingly extreme. Especially at a time of looming famine in many parts of the world, the EU must focus fully on security of supply. With the proposal presented in advance, the EU and Austria would become dependent on imports and give up the current self-sufficiency,” says Bernhuber and informs that the use of chemical synthetic pesticides in Austria has already been reduced by 22 percent since 2011.

In conclusion, Bernhuber appeals, “We need more objectivity in the discussion and EU agriculture needs a full toolbox for security of supply. Europe must take responsibility and guarantee the security of food supply. With blanket reduction targets, as apparently planned, food imports would increase and farm incomes would decrease at the same time.” (Conclusion)

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