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GW/Jungwirth: Greenpeace points out, IV and WKO work against the interests of leading enterprises


Positive attitude of industry towards climate targets and regulatory measures confirmed.

Vienna (OTS) – In the results of the survey of leading industry results presented in the media today, it is clear that companies in Austria are in favor of consistently pursuing measures to achieve climate targets. It is therefore all the more surprising that the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Austrian Industries continue to oppose climate protection measures and thus act against the interests of their own member companies. The casting of climate policy measures into legal framework conditions is also welcomed, as this also brings the planning security demanded by companies.

“The statements of the asked Unternehmensführer:innen stand in the glaring contrast to the demands of the WKO and IV. One asks oneself, who dictates the line of the interest agency? Apparently, the top representatives of the ÖVP-dominated WKO, Harald Mahrer and Karlheinz Kopf, are still panting after the forces at home in the old, fossil economy. Do they still have to keep old promises from the short era? Or are the gentlemen themselves still stuck in the old thinking?”, Sabine Jungwirth, federal spokeswoman of the Green Economy, questions the WKO line in climate policy. And further: “As green economy we stand 100% behind the European and Austrian climate goals. Nobody claims that achieving them is not an easy path. Nevertheless, we all have to make a contribution in order to take significant steps, especially in reducing energy consumption. Only in this way can the transformation of the energy system be achieved in an environmentally compatible way.”

The Green Economy has been drawing attention to the need to green the economy since its inception. “Harald Mahrer and Karlheinz Kopf, against their better judgment, are endangering Austria as a business location with their retro course. There is no business location on a dead planet.”, Jungwirth repeats her appeal to WKO and IV!”

In the upcoming meeting of the Economic Parliament of the WKO on 30 June 20222, the Green Economy launches a focus on energy policy with the aim of significantly reducing energy consumption.

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