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Katzenjammer at the animal protection yard PFOTENHILFE: no day without emergency


Castration could prevent much unnecessary suffering and death / Animal Welfare Minister bears responsibility

Lochen/Oberösterreich/Salzburg (OTS) – One does not see them, one does not hear them, it is animal suffering, which takes place mostly in the secret – but in very large extent: the unwanted offspring of uncastrated cats. And at present this has high season at the animal protection yard PFOTENHILFE: 29 cat babies must be brought up around the clock with the bottle and be maintained healthy. They are often very sick because they come from inbreeding. From cat flu, which if left untreated causes their eyes to ulcerate to the point that some of them can’t be saved, to parasites and epidemics, the innocent babies are plagued.

“It’s the same thing year after year: Despite mandatory neutering, people call us every day that they have found kittens, sometimes bringing pregnant mothers or entire families. A particularly dramatic case is cat mama Linda, who came to us heavily pregnant,” tells PFOTENHILFE head Johanna Stadler. “Her belly was fat to bursting and shortly after her arrival, the stray red and white tabby gave birth to three babies. She was apparently acquired to catch mice, had to function, but no one wanted to worry about spaying her or keeping her healthy.”

Often these animals are abandoned, often wandering off to neighbors and giving birth under wood piles or in garden sheds. In some cases, the mothers are run over and neighbors become aware of the desperate cries of the hungry babies. The team of the animal protection farm PFOTENHILFE in the border region of Salzburg/Upper Austria does its best, but one comes up against its limits again and again and complains about a large-scale failure of politics when it comes to animal protection.

“One has the feeling that people are becoming more and more selfish and ignorant. And the many animal friends who can’t look the other way and come forward to us have the worries and we have the work and the daily animal suffering to endure,” Stadler continues. “The legal castration obligation is very important, but not only on paper. It must also be controlled nationwide, but for this the legislature must finally provide the necessary resources and regulations. At present no routine controls are intended – in such a way at the animal suffering nothing will change, Mr. Minister for the protection of animals smoke!”

Animal protection organization PFOTENHILFE
Jürgen Stadler
+43|664|848 55 50
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