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Roadway and bridge rehabilitation on the L 8224 between Ehrendorf and Wielands


LR Schleritzko: Another step towards more traffic safety

St. Pölten (OTS) – Provincial Councillor Ludwig Schleritzko recently saw for himself the status of construction work for the renovation of the L 8224 provincial road and the two bridge objects. “Maintenance measures on our approximately 14,000 kilometers of state roads with the associated approximately 4,530 bridge objects are essential factors for a modern traffic infrastructure and very important for traffic safety in our state,” said Schleritzko.

The state road L 8224 runs from the state road L 8228 in Ehrendorf via Wielands and Unterlembach to the intersection with the state road L 71 in Heinrichs near Weitra. Between Ehrendorf and Wielands, the L 8224 state road has numerous net cracks and displacements over a length of about 600 meters from the intersection with the L 8228. The Lainsitz bridge and the bridge over the flood ditch at Wielands are also located in this area. The two single-span plate girders from 1992 with a span of 19 meters (Lainsitz Bridge) and 9 meters (Bridge over Flood Ditch) show damage.

In May, work began on the roadway rehabilitation of the L 8224. After the milling work, the necessary road structure was built. Then, at the beginning of June, work started on the bridge repairs. The main works include complete renewal of edge and ledge stones, edge beam lowering, railing coating, production of a new road surface. Concrete repairs to the supporting structure and abutments are also required. The Weitra road maintenance department will renew damaged sidewalks in the Ehrendorf area and adapt a bus bay by constructing a footprint.

At present, the work is being carried out under half-way traffic control with traffic lights. In July, the new road surface will be applied during a three-day closure. The signposted detour is via the state roads L 8224 – L 8278 – B 41 – L 8228 – L 8224 in both directions. The asphalting work will be carried out by the company Leyrer+Graf. Overall completion is expected at the end of July. The total construction costs amount to about 370,000 euros, with about 360,000 euros going to the state of Lower Austria and about 10,000 euros to the market town of Großdietmanns.

For more information, contact the Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government, Lower Austrian Road Service, Gerhard Fichtinger, telephone 02742/9005-60141, e-mail [email protected]

Office of the Lower Austrian regional government
Landesamtsdirektion/public relations
Ing. Mag. Johannes Seiter
[email protected]

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