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Salaried dentists: 38-hour week and guaranteed salary increase with seniority


New collective agreement as a contribution to making the industry more attractive

Vienna (OTS) – The negotiating teams of the newly appointed Chamber of Dentists and the GPA trade union have agreed on a new collective agreement after four years. After extremely difficult discussions in several rounds of negotiations, a result was achieved that contributes to making the profession of dental assisting more attractive, takes acquired experience into account to a secure extent and takes an important step in the right direction with regard to the minimum income. ++++

As of 1.6.2022, the working hours for employees in dental offices will be reduced by 2 hours to 38 hours. The minimum salary scale will be increased by 9%. In addition, the hazard allowance will be increased by approximately the same amount and in the future the salary of employees earning above the minimum scheme will increase after two years to the same extent as the gap between the steps in the minimum salary scheme. In the package, it was also possible to agree that employees in training as dental assistants (ZASS) will receive the same salary, analogous to apprenticeships, even in a part-time relationship.

“Against all resistance on the part of the Dental Association, above all President OMR DDr. Gruber, it was finally possible to put together a package that reaches all employees and contributes to making the profession of the ZASS more attractive. The 38-hour week represents a milestone for this collective agreement, as does the biennial jump now effective for all dental assistants. An important step has been taken with a minimum salary increase of just over 9%. Despite the current wave of inflation and many correct arguments, we were not yet able to assert our core demand for an ACTUAL increase this time. However, it is also clear that we will continue to fight with all our strength to ensure that all employees in the industry retain their purchasing power through a real ACTUAL increase,” states the head of negotiations on the part of the union, Georg Grundei, dipl.

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