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Tyrolean activists against full slatted floors


Protest in front of SPAR Innsbruck: profit on the backs of animals

Vienna (OTS) – Supermarket chains like SPAR profit from the sale of meat from the worst possible husbandry, and this must stop. After protests in [Vienna] (, [Salzburg and Vorarlberg]
( went today
also our Tiroler Aktivist:innen on the road, in order to raise before the SPAR market in the Innsbrucker Maria Theresien road and also before the golden roof the voice for those living beings, whose situation is everything else than golden.

Because while the animal industry and the supermarkets earn a golden nose with meat from animal-cruel full-slat husbandry, millions of pigs have to pay a terrible price for it. As the market leader, SPAR shares responsibility for the horror in Austria’s stables. Thereby, the supermarket chain could also be a role model, both in terms of husbandry labeling and the delisting of animal products from poor husbandry.

VGT Tirol campaign manager Nicole Staudenherz commented: “We will not rest until the horrible full slatted floor is history. Straight also the trade contributes with fight prices and schönfärberischer advertisement to the fact that animal suffering lies in the shelves – and is bought. This must change! Therefore we demand a [attitude marking]
(, so that
the Konsument:innen can make conscious purchase decisions.”

The VGT announced for tomorrow Wednesday a renewed demonstration before the INTERSPAR in Vienna 1, Schottengasse.

[Press photos]

Full column protest in front of SPAR Schottenfeldgasse

SPAR profits from animal suffering, VGT protests nationwide

Date: 22.6.2022, 17:00 – 19:00
Location: Schottengasse 7-9, 1010 Vienna

VGT – Association against animal factories
Nicole Staudenherz
0680 2125574
[email protected]

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