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VERBUND Power Flex for Battery Storage Operators & Industry


E-world energy & water 2022

Vienna, Essen (OTS) – With the continuous expansion of wind and solar power plants, securing the power supply is one of the major challenges on the way to the energy transition. VERBUND-Power-Flex is the smart solution to use energy profitably. This benefits the electricity grid and more and more companies.

With the implementation of the climate targets and the consistent expansion of renewable energies, new requirements are constantly arising for the market design and the organization of the energy markets. VERBUND is always up-to-date and makes the resulting potential available to its industrial customers, municipal utilities and plant operators. VERBUND-Power-Flex offers customized marketing solutions for power flexibilities from a wide range of plant technologies.

Innovative management concepts

Flexibility marketing is handled fully automatically via VERBUND’s virtual energy system. VOLERY, VERBUND’s digital optimization platform, enables combined marketing via spot, intraday and control reserve markets, thus always ensuring the most attractive added value for consumption and generation flexibilities as well as energy storage. Intelligent autotrading algorithms are used that take into account individual constraints of the plant operation, such as heat supply obligations, storage limits and efficiency levels.

Store, integrate, market

The integration of battery storage systems plays a central role in the transformation of the energy system due to their high flexibility. In addition to the classic application in the marketing of primary and secondary control or peak load smoothing for distribution grids, the generation value of photovoltaic and wind power plants can be increased by plant combination with battery storage, or the supply of industrial consumers with their own PV electricity can be increased via optimized intermediate storage. In addition, the marketing of flexibilities via the intraday market is becoming increasingly important.

In contrast to the control reserve market, where an existing imbalance is balanced out via grid control, on the intraday market, flexible demand can be adjusted to volatile feed-in via corresponding price signals. VERBUND is thus giving innovative plant operators, industrial companies and municipal utilities the opportunity to trade their flexibilities on the intraday market and thus optimize their energy costs.

“As a service to our customers, it is important to us to make the best possible use of all flexibility markets. To this end, we continuously analyze the markets and processes. We provide various market accesses and find the most lucrative marketing strategy for each company. All participants benefit from VERBUND’s know-how in the energy sector,” emphasizes Martin Wagner, Managing Director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH.

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Caption: VERBUND provides a wide variety of market accesses and selects the most lucrative marketing strategy for each company.


Caption: The digital optimization platform VOLERY, enables combined marketing via spot, intraday and control reserve markets and always ensures the most attractive added value for consumption and generation flexibilities as well as energy storage facilities.

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