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VKI test: Food delivery – Not all were convincing


Need for improvement especially in cooling and quality of goods

Vienna (OTS) – Is home delivery of groceries now suitable for everyday use? Are the agreed delivery times adhered to? Are delicate products sufficiently cooled and how good is the quality of the products? The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) tested 17 home food delivery services, including supermarkets, fast delivery services, organic and farmers’ markets, and fruit and vegetable subscriptions. Around half of them were convincing, while three service providers were marked down, in some cases significantly. A total of 8 were rated “very good,” 3 “good,” 3 “average” and 3 “less satisfactory.” The main points of criticism were the quality of the goods and the lack of refrigeration in the delivery. The results in detail are available now at []
( and from June 23 in the magazine

“With house delivery it depends apart from the quality of the commodity also on sufficient cooling and good logistics of the feed. Unfortunately, some delivery services revealed major weaknesses here,” explains VKI project manager Birgit Beck. “Some delivered goods that were no longer fit for consumption, in some cases the refrigeration was inadequate, and in some cases there were also problems with the delivery itself and customer service.”

“Less satisfactory” was the rating of the fast delivery service Mjam Market and the delivery services of MPreis and Hofer/Roksh. With these three companies, the goods were delivered either significantly earlier or significantly later than agreed. Hofer/Roksh and MPreis also delivered goods that were not sufficiently refrigerated. At Mjam and MPreis, the freshness of fruit and vegetables left much to be desired in some cases.

At Afreshed, Flink, Hausfreund, Hofer/Roksh, Mjam Market and Unimarkt, there were problems with regard to origin labeling. In some cases, the indication of origin on the website did not match the goods actually delivered, and in some cases origin information was completely missing.

“There is also another issue: those who want to produce as little waste as possible and rely on reusable packaging should keep an eye on the return modalities,” Beck advises in conclusion. “For example, some services deliver deposit bottles but then do not take them back.”

SERVICE: There are the detailed test results starting from 23 June in CONSUMER and on []

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