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“Ban on internal combustion vehicles from 2035 would be a disaster”


Vienna (OTS) – On Tuesday evening, the majority of EU environment ministers spoke out in favor of a ban on combustion engines in motor vehicles from 2035. “This is a denial of reality,” says KR Prof. Burkhard Ernst, chairman of the association “My Car”, who fears enormous damage.

Stunned, the founder and chairman of the association “My Car”, KR Prof. Burkhard Ernst, reacts to the course set by the EU environment ministers in their meeting on Tuesday evening. Accordingly, internal combustion engines in newly registered motor vehicles are to be generally banned from the year 2035, according to the decision, which is now to go to the EU Parliament. “This step would be a disaster,” warns KR Prof. Ernst, “the changeover to alternative drives such as electric and hydrogen cannot possibly be accomplished so quickly. Neither do we have the drives themselves nor the necessary refueling and charging infrastructure. What’s more, this radical measure would hit the socially disadvantaged hardest, because in many cases they can’t afford to make the switch.”

Prof. Ernst added that the automotive industry would not ignore the changes: “Quite the opposite, in fact. We are actively helping to shape it and are trying to gradually convert parts of our fleets. But the infrastructure required for this does not come from our industry; it is up to the politicians to create the framework and promote the expansion, or at least to make it possible.

Therefore, chairman Ernst also sends a clear appeal to politics, above all to the Austrian Minister of the Environment, Leonore Gewessler: “We need a discourse with the industry here, not only within politics. Things must also be feasible; we have just learned that not everything can be changed at the push of a button, also with the topic of oil and gas. We need to move away from populism and toward responsible realpolitik.”

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