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End of the debate: Moral cudgel instead of freedom of expression?


Talk at Hangar-7 with former ORF Director General Alexander Wrabetz and political scientist Ulrike Guérot, tomorrow at 22:10 on ServusTV.

Salzburg/Wals (OTS) – Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, but also in the current Ukraine war, it seems as if the boundaries of the spectrum of opinion are visibly being drawn ever tighter. Those who speak out are often labeled as “swindlers,” “deniers” or “enemies of science,” and are threatened not only with defamation and hostility but also with financial losses and even the loss of their jobs. Do we increasingly lack the willingness to deal with opposing attitudes? Have we forgotten how to argue fairly and how to develop in an exchange with others? Conversely, does every position really have to be heard? And who determines what is right or wrong?

Moderator Michael Fleischhacker discusses this with

* political scientist and university professor Ulrike Guérot, who is concerned about freedom of expression and opposes any attempts to silence her because of her positions on the Ukraine war and the Corona crisis,

* former ORF Director General Alexander Wrabetz, who defends public broadcaster’s coverage of the pandemic and yet argues for an improvement in the culture of conversation,

* the virologist Andreas Bergthaler, who as a member of the GECKO Commission advises the government on Corona and warns against allowing supposed experts to have their say in the media, because in the worst case this could endanger human lives and

* the psychoneuroimmunologist Christian Schubert, who accuses politicians
and the media of massively fomenting fear and panic in dealing with the current crises and thus permanently destroying the culture of debate.

The talk at Hangar-7 with Michael Fleischhacker.
On Thursday, 30.06.2022, from 22:10 only on ServusTV and ServusTV On.

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