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Hammer pleased with draft of Market Premiums Regulation: Next milestone in the direction of a climate-friendly Austria


Greens: Market Premiums Ordinance forms central pillar in green electricity expansion

Vienna (OTS) – “With the review draft of the Market Premiums Regulation, another important building block in the energy transition is now close to completion. In addition to the regulation for investment subsidies, this forms another important pillar in climate protection, with which we will continue to massively advance the expansion of green electricity and once again create a record budget for renewable expansion,” says Lukas Hammer, energy spokesman for the Greens, adding, “The last weeks and months have shown us how vulnerable our dependence on fossil fuels makes us and how important the energy transition is not only for climate protection, but also for our independence.”The Renewable Expansion Act (EAG) requires partial implementation ordinances. With the market premium ordinance, the EAG can have its full effect.

“We can promote almost 4.5 terawatt hours of green electricity with this ordinance alone, and save around 1.5 million tons of CO2 annually once the plants are completed. In addition, with the Renewable Energy Expansion Act, we are generating total value added of around 21.6 billion euros by 2030, thus securing 254,000 jobs,” Hammer emphasized. The market premium regulation supports the new construction and expansion or repowering of PV systems, wind turbines, hydropower and biomass plants. For the first time, the subsidy will also be fixed for two years, which will provide more planning security for all parties involved.

“The Ministry of Climate Protection is thus laying the foundation for the fact that we are facing absolute record years in the expansion of renewable energies. We have done everything we can to ensure that the energy turnaround can take off. In further consequence also the land governments are in the obligation to create the bases in their countries for the fact that the projects can be realized also briskly and also the surfaces are ready,” stresses hammer finally.

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