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SPÖ-Volksanwaltschaftssprecher Silvan: “Lack of staff in psychiatric institutions leads to human rights violations!”


Ombudsman Bernhard Achitz again shows clear need for action in Ö1-Mittagsjournal

Vienna (OTS/SK) – Volksanwalt Mag. Bernhard Achitz reported today in Ö1-Mittagsjournal about audits of the Ombudsman Board in psychiatric institutions. SPÖ Volksanwaltschaft spokesman Silvan voices concern about the details: “Once again it becomes clear that the glaring lack of staff in the care and health sector, against which the government has done nothing for years, is one of the main reasons for human rights violations.” The potential for aggression in the nursing sector and especially in psychiatric facilities is particularly high. On the one hand, employees are repeatedly confronted with aggressive or violent groups of people, and on the other hand, employees must use freedom-restricting measures on patients* in an emergency for their own protection. Silvan: “The glaring staff shortage in the nursing sector dramatically aggravates these difficult situations!” ****

A main attention puts the commissions of the ombudsman board with their test activities in the psychiatric range on fixations of patient*innen. These are made according to experience not always only by trained personnel, explain the delegate opposite the SPÖ press service. This is according to Silvan often a consequence of the lack of personnel, but in principle avoidable. Fixations are a serious encroachment on human rights; they may only be used as a very last resort to avert danger to life or health. The most important tool in psychiatry is de-escalation, Silvan explains. For this, however, there must also be enough trained staff. Silvan fully agrees with Ombudsman Achitz on this, both agreeing that “More staff is the most important key against human rights violations!”

In addition to the urgently needed increase in staff, Silvan calls for mandatory de-escalation training according to uniformly high quality standards for all staff* involved. To a large extent, these are already being carried out, but there are differences in the individual occupational groups and also in the quality of the training, according to Silvan. For example, communicative de-escalation measures are used in about three quarters of all facilities, but only 50 percent of the employees who use these techniques are also trained in them. The people’s ombudsman speaker demands again the government to provide finally for necessary improvements in the care range and thanks the commissions of the people’s ombudsman’s office, which accomplish these important control activities since 2012 and point this Verbesserungspotenzial out repeatedly. (Conclusion) sl/ls

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