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Tiroler Tageszeitung, Commentary, June 30, 2022 edition. by KARIN LEITNER. “Civil courage undesirable”.


Innsbruck (OTS) – Those who speak out against the trivialization of Corona are familiar with this: In “social” networks, opponents of mask and vaccination move out, mostly hidden behind accounts without names and pictures. They accuse those who do not believe that the virus merely causes a cold.
A doctor from Upper Austria has not only been insulted for months, she has been threatened – because the 36-year-old woman also speaks out away from the practice. “We are watching you”, “I will execute you”, “I am armed and have a shotgun” – that’s what people write to her anonymously; he will come as a patient, “Claas” lets know. The doctor, who says she has already invested 100,000 euros in protection for her and her staff, is now reacting: she is closing the practice.
Solidarisierung and assistance would be to be expected actually far. The police are investigating, but the victim is accused of complicity – because she has forced herself into the public eye for the sake of her own advancement, as she is alleged to have done; she is advised to seek psychological help.
Once again, the classic perpetrator-victim reversal. Once again it hits a woman. As with violence in relationships, there is a “If she had held back, nothing would have happened.” And once again it becomes clear:
Whoever is courageous and has civil courage gets into trouble, whoever is too cowardly to declare himself is allowed to rage unchallenged, at least verbally.

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