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UAS welcome demands of social partners and IV regarding the new development and financing plan


However, FHK misses demand for adequate research funding

Vienna (OTS) – The FHK reacts positively to the joint dispatch of the social partners and the IV regarding the new development and financing plan to be drawn up for the years 2023/24 – 2025/26. The clear commitment to the Fachhochschulen is important for further development and reflects the importance of the Fachhochschulen for the economy and society.

UAS understand the raised demand for 1,200 new STEM study places, but must also point out that our society needs much more than just STEM study places. In times of pandemic, therefore, a pure focus on new STEM study places will fall short. In this context, the universities of applied sciences are calling for the required 1,200 new study places to be distributed across all areas of study at the universities of applied sciences.

Meanwhile, the universities of applied sciences also view it with great concern that the issue of research and research funding at universities of applied sciences receives no attention. “Quality assurance in teaching cannot take place without research. Much more, there can be no university without research. The universities of applied sciences have the legal mandate to conduct research and it is virtually the obligation of the Ministry of Science to provide sufficient funding here,” states FHK President Ulrike Prommer. The universities of applied sciences have been calling for continuous research funding for many years and have also already presented corresponding possible financing models.

“The new development and financing plan forms the optimal framework to finally establish an appropriate financing model for UAS research!”, Prommer concludes in the direction of Federal Minister Polaschek.

Mag. Kurt Koleznik
FHK Secretary-General
Tel.: 0664/4244294

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