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VGT presents dead pig on full slatted floor at Stephansplatz in Vienna


Over 700,000 pigs die annually in Austria from the cruel keeping conditions on fully slatted floors – exposure not an isolated case, only the corpses have been left lying around

Vienna (OTS) – It is an individual case, flutes the pig industry to the [last uncovering of the VGT]
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blocked, means the AMA, and otherwise Business as usual. Thereby statistically over 700,000 pigs die annually in Austria at the full slatted floor, before they can be brought to the slaughter. The pig factory uncovered by the VGT had pig corpses in various stages of decomposition everywhere. This does not mean that more pigs than usual died there, but only that not all pigs were quickly cleared away there. The litterless full slatted floor is the problem, not personal shortcomings of individual “black sheep.”

To underline this, the VGT today placed an original dead pig taken from the garbage can of a full-slat pig factory on original slatted concrete floor elements at Vienna’s Stephansplatz. Behind it, 5 large posters illustrated the 5 stages of the short, painful life of a pig: Artificially conceived in a crate stall, born by a mother pig in a body-sized cage in the farrowing pen, mutilated by tail docking and anesthetized castration in infancy, tortured on full slatted floors in the pre-fattening period and finally on concrete slats without litter in the final fattening period.

VGT-Obmann DDr. Martin Balluch urges the government to act:
“In the middle of next week the last plenary days of the parliament before the summer break are set. Today’s animal protection committee has been canceled. Much time is not more, in order to adapt the animal protection package still, so that the full slatted floor in the pig attitude gets an expiration date. Rarely has the population been so unanimous in calling for a change on a social issue. The government would do well to listen to the people.”

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VGT – Association against animal factories
DDr. Martin Balluch
Campaign management
0660 41 80 757
[email protected]

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