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AQUARIS Announces IDO of AQS Token on Zelwin Finance


Tallinn, Estonia (ots/PRNewswire) – The native AQS token of AQUARIS, the first ever project combining advanced blockchain technology and real-world production, will be available for purchase on Zelwin Finance’s Launchpad. This was announced by the company’s founder and CEO Andrei Paluhhin. The application period to buy the coin will begin on July 2. To participate in the IDO, follow the link.

“Our project is a bridge connecting the traditional profitable aquaculture business with the blockchain world and technologies. We are developing according to the roadmap and plan to offer AQS on other platforms soon. The AQS token is one of the few cryptocurrencies backed by a real profitable business,” explains Andrei Paluhhin.

The AQS token ensures the smooth operation of the AQUARIS platform for transactions in the seafood industry. The AQUARIS Native Token functions as a discount token – business partners receive permanent discounts on products and services by owning the token, while private users have the opportunity to join the Aquaris Staking Pool.

“In addition, the discounts will increase as the network grows and gains adoption. AQS allows holders to use the discount, so users don’t have to pay fees and the supply of tokens tightens,” says Andrei Paluhhin.

At the moment, the IDO of the AQS token starts on July 2. A stable staking program based on real profitable trades up to 25% (up to 30% in combination with a unique Aquaris NFT) will be available soon.

AQUARIS is the first project to combine advanced blockchain technology and real production. It is a bridge that connects the traditional profitable aquaculture business with the blockchain world and technologies. The company handles all transaction phases of production companies using Blockchain technology. Now, all processes that used to take at least a week can be completed in just 15 minutes. The AQS token combines all the products of the AQUARIS ecosystem and enables the first deployment based on a real product.

All detailed information can be found in the Aquaris Telegram channel. To participate in IDO, follow the link .

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