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13,000 energy subsidies from the City of Vienna for single parents paid out at 100 euros each


Further support for pensioners in the compensation or supplementary allowance still in August

Vienna (OTS) – In order to cushion the current inflation and rising energy prices, the City of Vienna presented the package of measures “Vienna Energy Support Plus” in April this year. One of these measures, which was already largely implemented at the end of June/beginning of July, is the Vienna energy cost flat rate of 200 euros. In the last few days, the first part of the energy support for single parents in the amount of 100 euros was also transferred. Thus, the City of Vienna has so far paid out 39.6 million euros in energy support.

“Vienna keeps its promises – especially when times are getting harder for those who already have to turn over every euro twice. I am pleased that we were able to give the single parents another 100 euros in energy support so soon after transferring the first 200 euros. Both supports will bring a noticeable relief for them,” said Social City Councilor Peter Hacker.

“As planned, the additional energy support of 100 euros has been paid out to 13,000 single-parent households in Vienna. Together with Vienna’s flat-rate energy allowance of 200 euros, this means increased emergency assistance of 300 euros for single parents and their children. With this, the Vienna City Government shows how seriously we take the current situation and how quickly we implement important measures,” says City Finance Councillor Peter Hanke.

13,000 times paid out: 100 euro additionally for single parents in the Viennese minimum security or housing assistance

single parents, who stood in April 2022 in the purchase of the Viennese minimum security or housing assistance, got in the past days a further support achievement at the rate of 100 euro instructed. As with the energy cost flat rate, the implementation was automated and without additional application. In total, around 13,000 single parents in Vienna (housing benefit recipients and minimum income recipients) have benefited from this support benefit – an additional support volume of 1.3 million euros.

Outlook: Further support benefits from the City of Vienna will be paid out in August

Single parents who receive a benefit under the Unemployment Insurance Act or a compensatory or supplementary allowance from pension insurance can apply for this additional payment via from August 2022.

Information on the Vienna flat-rate energy allowance and on how to apply for it for single parents* as of August 2022 can be found at: [] (

Also starting in August, support payments of 200 euros will be made to up to 42,000 recipients of a compensatory or supplementary allowance.

Outlook: Vienna Energy Bonus 22 in December

The City of Vienna is also working on an even larger package – the Vienna Energy Bonus 22, which is expected to reach more than one million Viennese whose annual gross income does not exceed 40,000 euros by December.

Review: 191,545 Viennese have already received the 200 euro flat-rate energy allowance

In the course of the Vienna flat-rate energy allowance, 191,545 transfers of 200 euros each were made at the end of June/beginning of July to Viennese minimum-security recipients, recipients of benefits under the Unemployment Insurance Act (unemployment assistance, unemployment benefit) and recipients of housing assistance – a support volume of around 38.3 million euros. This could be already converted unbureaucratically and without own application by the relations.

Mario Dujakovic
Media speaker city councillor Peter Hacker
+43 1 4000 81244
[email protected]

Katharine Keil
Media speaker city councillor Peter Hanke
+43 1 4000 81218
[email protected]

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