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Greens Vienna/Kraus: Extreme heat is a wake-up call for climate protection


Population suffers from heat wave – city government needs more courage and more speed in climate protection

Vienna (OTS) – “In the last few days, we have carried out several measurements with a thermal imaging camera at many different locations in the city. The results are frightening: the asphalt at a streetcar stop in Märzstraße heated up to 59 degrees Celsius, 60 degrees in Schottengasse and almost 62 degrees on Hütteldorfer Straße,” said Peter Kraus, party leader of the Green Party Vienna.

Kraus continued, “The heat in the city is an enormous burden for the health of the Viennese. Even for healthy, young people it is becoming more and more a challenge to move around in the city in summer. We can’t continue like this, otherwise a large part of the population will soon be completely excluded from city life in the summer months.”

Vienna unfortunately still has a great many large-scale concrete deserts, where the summer heat becomes particularly unbearable. Although the city government has presented a heat action plan, the implementation of some measures is still a long time coming. Among other things, it was announced that “cooling zones” would be set up for vulnerable groups. But according to media reports, these public shelters from the heat will not be in place until next year after all.

“We can’t wait any longer. The overheating of cities is a serious problem; in Spain alone, the heat has claimed the lives of at least 360 people within a week. Vienna now needs immediate measures to cool down the city,” Kraus demands.

These include:

– Viennese tree standard: with every street reconstruction and every street renovation, new trees are automatically planted

– Cool streets in districts particularly affected by the heat

– Sufficient watering and care for young trees

– Shade benches and shade zones throughout the city

– More shaded stops on the Vienna public transport system

– Shaded waiting areas in front of the entrances to Vienna’s swimming pools

– A tree should be planted instead of every fifth parking space

Kraus concludes: “The heat we are experiencing now is the direct effect of the climate crisis. In addition to immediate measures, however, we must also tackle the problem at its root and ensure long-term cooling in the city – and fight the causes of the climate crisis. Anti-climate projects like the Lobautunnel keep Vienna trapped in the concrete age, while we will need all our resources and strength to finally make Vienna climate-ready.”

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