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Heat wave in Austria: Cool the apartment with the heater (FOTO)


Linz (ots) – The summer has already brought Austria a great many hot days with temperatures of at least 30 degrees – many people are suffering as a result. This week, increased heat stress is again to be expected in the country. To keep living spaces cool, heat pump heaters can be used, which are switched to cooling in the summer.

This year’s summer has already confirmed the trend of more hot days in June. “For this, the heat pump with the additional function ‘cooling’ offers a good solution,” says Thomas Mader, managing director of the house and system technology manufacturer Stiebel Eltron in Austria. “Compared to classic air conditioning, the environmentally friendly technology works much more efficiently and is also free of drafts.”

Cooling active or passive possible

The heat pump for cooling turns floor heating into floor cooling in summer. An active cooling function can basically be used with all heat pump types equipped with it, regardless of whether the heat pump obtains its environmental energy from the ground or the ambient air. In this way, pleasant indoor temperatures can be achieved at the height of summer. The heat pump as an active cooling unit discharges the warm, used air from the inside to the outside.

With so-called “passive cooling”, the temperature difference between the ground and living spaces is harnessed. In this case, the heat pump does not run, but only the circulation pump. Special devices are suitable for this type of cooling, for example, the brine-water or water-water heat pump.

About heat pump heating Heat pump heating for cool rooms in summer and heat in the cold season is climate-friendly and uses energy from the ambient air, the ground or groundwater. The systems work on the principle of operation of a refrigerator. Electricity is required for the drive. The state subsidizes the installation with the program “Out of oil and gas” with up to 7,500 euros. Anyone planning to make the switch should obtain information in good time.

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