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ÖAMTC: Four current vehicles in Green NCAP (+ photos)


Different drive types – different results

Vienna (OTS) – ÖAMTC and its partners examine new vehicles and drive types as part of Green NCAP. This time, four models were tested for their environmental friendliness: Genesis G70 Shooting Brake 2.2 (diesel), Honda HR-V 1.5 i-MMD (gasoline hybrid), Lynk & Co 01 (gasoline plug-in hybrid) and Subaru Outback 2.5i Lineartronic (gasoline). “We study and evaluate powertrain energy consumption, pollutant emissions and greenhouse gas emissions – the latter, by the way, now ‘well-to-wheel+.’ This means that the emissions generated during the production and distribution of fuel and electricity are also included in the rating,” explains Max Lang, vehicle and environmental expert at ÖAMTC.

Plug-in hybrid has the nose in front, pure gasoline at

* Genesis G70: The G70 Shooting Brake of the Genesis brand, which belongs to Hyundai, can currently not yet be purchased in Austria (at least not new). The tested diesel with 147 kW cannot convince in Green NCAP: the energy consumption is high, as are the greenhouse gas emissions. “At least the pollutant emissions are basically okay – apart from acceleration at full throttle, which leads to high NOX emissions,” Lang summarizes. “Overall, this is enough for two out of five possible stars, which is still better than the Genesis GV70, which only managed one star in the last Green NCAP.”

* Honda HR-V: The new HR-V was tested in the 1.5 i-MMD version as a gasoline hybrid. “In terms of pollutant emissions, this model achieves very good values in the moderate speed range. Unfortunately – typical for an SUV – consumption rises significantly at higher speeds, which in turn leads to increased greenhouse gases,” the ÖAMTC expert notes. “Here Honda should still improve, then an even better result than the already strong three stars would be possible.”

* Lynk & Co 01: With its 3.5 stars, the compact SUV from China shows that passenger cars equipped with combustion engines can also be environmentally friendly on the road. Max Lang explains: “The plug-in hybrid with a 17.6 kWh battery convinces with a purely electric range of 66 kilometers and good emissions control with the gasoline combustion engine. One disadvantage, however, is the high weight, which, once the battery is discharged, ensures corresponding fuel consumption.” The ÖAMTC expert’s tip for all drivers:inside of plug-in hybrids: “The battery should be fully charged whenever possible to get the maximum electric range out of it.”

* Subaru Outback: The all-wheel-drive Outback with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine suffers from high fuel consumption, which is exacerbated by the absence of electric assistance or turbochargers. The result is high greenhouse gas emissions. “Added to this are difficulties with exhaust gas treatment, which become a real problem especially at higher speeds,” Lang criticizes. “At least the exhaust gas treatment works better than average at moderate speeds.” However, this is not enough for more than 1.5 stars.

Overview of vehicles and results

Vehicle Drive Green NCAP stars
Lynk & Co 01 Gasoline Plug-in Hybrid 3.5
Honda HR-V Gasoline Hybrid 3.0
Genesis G70 Diesel 2.0
Subaru Outback Gasoline 1.5

A description of all the tests carried out as part of Green NCAP, as well as detailed results of all the cars tested so far, can be found at

Aviso to the editors: Photos relating to this release are available for download at

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