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PRO-GE: Working in the heat – Kocher must ensure better employee protection


Union demands additional paid breaks in suitable premises or shortened working days

Vienna (OTS) – Up to 37 degrees are expected in Austria today and, according to forecasts, the high temperatures will continue in the coming days. “Thousands of workers have to perform heavy physical work outdoors in this sweltering heat. Many of them have to endure eight hours in work and protective clothing in the blazing sun. To date, there are no regulations for them on how to escape the heat,” emphasizes Alois Stöger, Executive Secretary of the PRO-GE trade union. As an example, Stöger mentions fitters who work on construction sites or provide repair services. He therefore repeats his call to Labor Minister Kocher to finally take action on this issue and ensure that workers are protected.

“The number of days with extreme temperatures is increasing year after year and thus the strain on all those who have to work outdoors. Anyone who ignores this is putting the health of workers at risk,” emphasizes Stöger. PRO-GE therefore calls on the federal government to amend the Working Hours Act to the effect that, from a temperature of more than 32.5 degrees in the shade, additional paid work breaks must be made possible in suitable premises or the working day must be shortened. Likewise, access to the heavy labor pension must be made easier for people who frequently work outdoors in the heat.

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