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Vienna Provincial Statistics Launch Monthly Viennese Population Monitoring


Vienna (OTS) – Vienna is one of the most livable cities in the world – and one of the most diverse and fastest growing metropolises in Europe. Events such as most recently the Corona pandemic or the influx of refugees from Ukraine since February 2022 show how important it is to have an up-to-date overview of population trends. For this reason, the Vienna State Statistics Department (MA 23) has recently started offering the most important preliminary key figures online on a monthly basis: Births, deaths and migration balances by country of birth.

In the past two decades, Vienna has grown rapidly; after the EU’s eastern enlargement, the city was and still is a center of attraction for many people from neighboring countries, but also a “safe haven” for refugees from crisis regions. At the beginning of 2022, 38% of Vienna’s population was not born in Austria. The excellent infrastructure – key words: housing, childcare, healthcare, public transport – and urban investments are a key to successfully managing this strong population growth: Vienna’s quality of life continues to rank among the world’s best and the city’s attractiveness as a business location and center of life remains unbroken.

Current monthly data on population development on new

The city’s population continues to grow – recently more strongly again due to the Ukraine war – and is expected to exceed the two-million mark in the next few years. A new website at [] ( shows how Vienna’s population is currently developing, using preliminary monthly data with clear graphics and tables: In addition to the overall development, you will find the number of births and deaths as well as the migration balance by country of birth. The data on overall development are always available for the immediately preceding month; the other data (births, deaths, migration balances) are published with a two-month delay.

Hanke: Vienna stands for digitalization and transparency

“In the government agreement, the Vienna Progressive Coalition commits itself to digitalization and transparency: we want to make information available proactively and accessible to all. With the publication of the monthly population development, we are taking another step to extend our lead as the most transparent municipality in Austria,” explains Peter Hanke, City Councillor for Finance and Economic Affairs.

Vienna was named Austria’s most transparent city in 2022 for the 3rd time after 2017 and 2019. This is the result of the “Index Transparent Municipality” of Transparency International Austria, which compares the 80 most populous cities and municipalities in Austria.

Current population development in Vienna: January to May 2022 (mean 2017-2021), preliminary data:

Births 7,441 (7,997)
Deaths 7,585 (7,396)
Migration balance 27,669 (3,245)
Total population growth 27,525 (3,846)

Link to Vienna Population Monitoring:

Mag. Roberta Kraft
Media spokeswoman StR Peter Hanke
01 4000 81211
[email protected]

Franz Trautinger
Communications Vienna State Statistics (MA 23)
+43 1 4000-83069
[email protected]

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