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Wrong shoes as a cause of back pain


You can find the original article here: Wrong shoes as a cause of back pain

Back pain has become a common ailment. It affects the daily lives of millions of people and is one of the main causes of sick leave. A common reason for back pain is lack of exercise. But there are also other factors that can cause or aggravate back pain. These include, for example, the wrong footwear. This is because poorly fitting shoes can lead to poor posture. This can cause tension and back pain.

Which shoes are right for back pain?

Ordinary everyday shoes are often not ideal for the body. As an alternative, there are functional and health shoes that are designed to help with back problems. These shoes include, for example, the “MBT shoes”. They have a thick, rounded sole and are designed to exercise the back muscles, improve balance and contribute to a healthy posture.

Anyone who wants to try an MBT should seek good advice before buying. It should also be noted that the feet must first get used to the shoe. The acclimatization period can last several weeks. However, it is important, as otherwise problems such as irritated Achilles tendons may occur.

Tips for buying shoes

Whether it is health shoes, sneakers or other shoes, it is always important to find the right size. Shoes should not be too small or too big, nor too wide or too narrow. They should fit comfortably and provide the best possible fit. The toes should be able to move freely and not bump into the front. It is best if there is a thumb’s width of space between the toes and the toe of the shoe. In addition, one should pay attention to the following aspects when buying new footwear


  • Ergonomic footbed
  • Integrated cushioning
  • Breathable material
  • Non-slip sole
  • Good quality

When should I buy shoes?

If possible, the purchase of shoes should not take place in the morning. It is better to buy the shoes in the afternoon. Because during the day the feet change and become wider. Also, it is recommended to try on several shoes and give yourself enough time to buy the new footwear.

Variety is good for the body

It does not make sense to wear the same shoes every day. Instead, you should change your shoes regularly. This prevents the feet from always being stressed in the same places. Changing shoes every day is also advisable from a hygienic point of view.

How healthy is barefoot walking?

Every now and then you should give your feet a break from shoes and walk barefoot. This strengthens the foot muscles. At the same time, running without shoes stimulates blood circulation, improves posture and can prevent back problems.


following points should be kept in


  • In the beginning, the feet have to get used to walking without shoes. Otherwise, there is a risk of overuse injuries. Beginners should only walk barefoot for 30 to 60 minutes a day and increase the amount bit by bit.
  • At the beginning, you should walk on the beach, in the garden or on other soft surfaces. Beginners should avoid stony or hard surfaces.
  • When running barefoot, it is important to watch out for sharp stones, broken glass and other hazards. In addition, you may want to brush up on your tetanus protection before running barefoot.

If you don’t want to do without shoes completely, you can turn to so-called barefoot shoes. They have a flexible and very thin sole and are designed to simulate barefoot running.

Exercise is the key

To prevent or counteract back pain, the right shoes play a role. However, it is even more important to get enough exercise. After all, it is still better to move a lot in bad shoes than not to move at all.


following tips can help you move more in your everyday life


  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Go shopping on foot or use a bicycle
  • Park your car further away from your destination and walk the rest of the way.
  • Take a short walk during your lunch break
  • Do not remain seated during a phone call, but stand up and walk around
  • Take more frequent movement breaks while sitting down to stand up, stretch, and do short exercises
  • Work standing up more often

Especially people who sit a lot during their work should also exercise regularly. Various types of sports, such as Nordic walking, dancing, swimming, yoga, tai chi or jogging, can help with back problems. Certain sports, on the other hand, should be avoided if you have back problems. These include, for example, weight lifting, squash, tennis and golf. Anyone who is unsure which type of sport can best help against their back pain should talk to a physiotherapist or a doctor. Together with the expert, it is possible to find a suitable sport.

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