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Oö. Volksblatt: “Evil capitalists” (by Manfred MAURER)


Edition of August 5, 2022

Linz (OTS) – The term has the potential to be the unword of the year:
Excess profit. Everyone is talking about it, but no one knows exactly what it means. Only roughly, it refers to profits that companies make as a result of the political-economic multi-crisis.
But who defines at what amount profit is to be considered excess profit? Who decides in which industry inflation-induced profit jumps are to be considered excessive and where not? And who pays compensation for under-profit, which is also possible in times of crisis (the definition of which would of course be just as challenging)?
Isn’t it much simpler? In the energy sector, for example, the public sector, as a (co-)owner, has a big nibble anyway. In addition, it has a significant, and in the case of Verbund even decisive, influence on the level of profit distribution. Decide on a special dividend (as has already happened at Verbund) – and excess profits are skimmed off.
This neat solution, however, does not suit the ideology of those who consider profit per se to be disreputable. In contrast to a special tax that is paid exclusively by the state, all shareholders benefit from special dividends. This can also include evil capitalists. For example, pensioners who often do not even know that they are co-owners of one of the now demonized energy companies via a pension fund.

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