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Tiroler Tageszeitung, editorial, August 9, 2022 issue. by MICHAEL SPRENGER. “The Blue Teflon Party.”


Innsbruck (OTS) – Recent party history has been dominated by scandals and splits. Now the FPÖ finds itself in a quagmire of internal party intrigues. Individual regional organizations are distancing themselves from Herbert Kickl. A test of strength.

The fact that the FPÖ is still polling at 20 percent is one of the peculiarities of the state of the Republic. For more than 35 years, when it was transformed by Jörg Haider from a small party into a medium-sized right-wing party, the party has acquired a Teflon layer on which everything seems to roll off. With the Liberal Forum and the BZÖ, it was confronted with two spin-offs, twice it failed grandly in its attempt to succeed as a governing party, and its mandataries were and are frequently entangled in corruption cases, some of them taking their place in the dock, Time and again, the party has deliberately delved deep into the extreme right-wing milieu, shown no fear of contact with conspiracy supporters, flirted with withdrawal from the EU, constantly seeks cooperation with authoritarian regimes, and to this day continues to hunt for votes with inhuman slogans.
With the exception of a short-lived loss of voters, which the Freedom Party has always been able to make up for, the party seems to have secured its place in the party landscape.
Now the party around Herbert Kickl is once again in turmoil, and it is internal party turmoil that is once again putting the FPÖ to the test. Moreover, this case has a more than tragic note. We do not know what ultimately triggered Hans-Jörg Jenewein’s suicide attempt. In any case, restraint is in order. Speculation is inappropriate. A suicide attempt is always an act of desperation. So it is to be wished to Jenewein that he – with professional help – finds his way out of his dark valley.
The FPÖ is also in a dark valley. This valley needs to be illuminated. It is about power struggles, intrigues and anonymous reports. And, of course, it is also about the future of Kickl, whose close confidant Jenewein was. The previous week, Jenewein had to leave the FPÖ at the behest of the party leadership. At the same time, more and more state organizations are distancing themselves from Kickl and no longer want anything in common with his style.
How hard the party is struggling with the latest accusations and suspicions can be seen from the cancellation at short notice of Walter Rosenkranz’s press conference. He wanted to outline his liberal “path to the federal presidency” yesterday. The appointment is to take place today.
Rosenkranz and with him the Tyrolean FPÖ will soon realize whether the liberal Teflon layer has now been damaged.

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