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Oö. Volksblatt: “Atomhasard” (by Manfred MAURER)


Edition of August 13, 2022

Linz (OTS) – In Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, the whole madness of the Ukraine war manifests itself. Zaporizhzhya is being used by both sides as a weapon of nervous warfare. Both Putin and Selenskyj hope that the fear of a Chernobyl squared will influence the attitude of the West in their sense. Of course, neither Russians nor Ukrainians will be so insane as to intentionally cause a nuclear disaster. But military action around the six nuclear reactors carries an incalculable risk. Putin is speculating that the fear of a super-disaster will persuade Europe to put a stop to Selensky. The latter, in turn, expects a further tightening of sanctions against Russia.
The nuclear hasard, however, should have one main effect: The Zaporizhzhya meenacle should make nuclear freaks rethink.
If some states now consider leaving existing nuclear power plants on the grid a little longer, that may be tolerable in an acute energy emergency. However, any thought of nuclear energy as a future prospect is out of the question under the impression of the Zaporizhzhya drama. Nevertheless, in many places outside Austria it has no deterrent effect. Because it is not understood: Every nuclear power plant can become Zaporizhzhya.

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