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Geeetech launches new THUNDER 3D printer, high-speed 3D printing up to 300mm



Shenzhen, China (ots/PRNewswire) – It is well known that most consumer FDM 3D printers print quite slowly. Even a simple model can take hours to finish. However, things are now different in 2022. A high-speed 3D printer is coming to market. In early September, Geeetech is introducing a new high-speed 3D printer called THUNDER on Kickstarter for early adopters. The Thunder model features high printing speed, all-metal chassis, extremely powerful cooling system and large printing volume.

After 2 years of development work since 2020, Geeetech has developed a mature technology that enables the 3D printer to print at high speed without sacrificing quality. According to trusted sources from Geeetech, the THUNDER can reach print speeds up to 300 mm/s with acceleration of 5,000 mm/s² for the X-axis and 4,000 mm/s² for the Y-axis. With the same model and print quality, users can save 30-70% printing time depending on the complexity of the model.

Watch the Benchy Printing Test video for Geeetech’s THUNDER

Geeetech uses a dual-drive gear extruder, a high-performance heating module and high-volume die for extrusion, and 5 cooling fans to cool the hotend and model. From filament melting to extrusion and cooling, THUNDER achieves far better performance than conventional FDM 3D printers. Thunder’s high-speed 3D printing is not possible without the efficient extrusion system and strong cooling system. The all-metal housing with double Z-axis ensures the stability of the machine when printing and moving at high speed.

Thunder offers a printing volume of 250x250x260 mm and has 5 different printing modes for different printing needs. It also supports other features such as the ability to resume pauses, password protection, etc. Geeetech will launch a Kickstarter project for THUNDER in early September, with pricing starting at $399 for early backers. Geeetech is running a subscription and promotion campaign for THUNDER on the company’s official website. To learn more about the THUNDER, check the details here:

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