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The deification of bitcoin is gaining momentum


Faith is a private matter, and it is not always appropriate to talk about it openly. However, for an educated person it is important to understand the function of religion in society and to know the types of modern world religions.

The usefulness of religion lies in the creation of values that remain outside the scope of laws. Of course, the Church does not always succeed in convincing people to follow religious and ethical norms – not to lie, not to envy, not to worship the golden calf. But the deeply religious people try not to break the commandments.

Some religious precepts contradict the goals sought by modern society – tolerance, equal rights for people regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. But in general, religion as a social institution can be beneficial to both individuals and the state.

Some consider themselves Christians, Buddhists or followers of Islam, some consider the macaroni monster their deity, but all these are trifles compared to the new Bitcoin cult. Click here and learn more about Bitcoin and ways to make money with it.

Faith is an interesting thing, because you can believe not only in the “classical” gods or a whole pantheon of deities, but also in the divinity of ordinary objects surrounding us and the forces of nature. But, of course, despite thousands of years of history of belief in an invisible Creator, people do not tire of creating new religions. And this is the “object of a cult” we will talk about today.

The king of digital currencies

Some atheists who found faith in God after some significant events cite amazing stories and events. One of these “lucky” people was Tomer Strolite, who found his faith in the Almighty by personifying it with Bitcoin. And this is not an isolated case: there is ample evidence of this widespread belief in the divinity of Bitcoin’s origin. And to put it mildly: Over time, this trend could become massive. The reason for this trend could be a potential milestone of change in the lives of most Americans. An era of economic, social and political turmoil is upon us. One need not go far to find examples: Think of the crisis times when belief in all manner of witches, soothsayers, messiahs and other “messengers” not of this world became mass and all-pervasive. Therefore, it is not surprising that a similar trend awaits American society.

And to continue the theme, a book has already been published, written by a follower of the Bitcoin cult and a simultaneous Christian – Patrick Moulder, a former doctor who changed his profession and lifestyle and became a writer and at some point even a priest, baptizing Tomer Strolite not somewhere but on a luxury beach in Miami. And the book is dedicated to a new crowd, for whom the role of Bitcoin as a new religious symbol is explained with the meticulousness of a doctor in the past. And as is not difficult to guess, in this age of change, Bitcoin has become a new spiritual reference point whose birth and existence phases are tantamount to divine providence. The same goes for the sudden ups and downs of this iconic digital currency, which you can follow online in real time.

It can be said that the religious “darkness” that engulfs the masses is ideal for implanting the most bizarre religious cults, and the new “pastors”, driven by an excellent knowledge of classical religious postulates, perfectly enjoy new opportunities to form organizations ranging from small groups to full-fledged sects. You don’t have to look far to find such examples: the movements of Scientologists and other Jehovah’s Witnesses, and believe me, Bitcoin worship is the least evil imaginable.

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