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TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG “Editorial”, of August 21, 2022, by Carmen Baumgartner-Pötz: “Kein Kreuz mit dem Kreuz” (No cross with the cross)


You should never be indifferent to having a choice. Not even in the case of a supposedly certain election outcome.

Innsbruck (OTS) – Being able to vote for the Federal President is something you shouldn’t miss, no matter how (un)satisfied you are.

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen is probably right about one thing:
“This election is not a g’mahde Wiesn,” the incumbent declared in the TT interview this week. That may sound like well-dosed coquetry for someone who, in a recent poll, is predicted to win 66 percent in the first round of voting. That would mean no second round or runoff election would be necessary after Oct. 9. That would not be surprising, because so far no federal president in this country who has faced re-election has needed a second round. But times have changed massively. And if we have learned anything from the seemingly endless election year of 2016, it is that really no one should rely on a “g’mahde Wiesn.”
Of course, Van der Bellen’s saga revolves around voter turnout and its effects. Anyone who thinks not voting is an option – whether out of disinterest, convenience or protest – should get a remedial education in history. The value of living in a democracy with real choices is demonstrated to us every day when we look at what else is going on in the world.
It is not yet clear who will be on everyone’s ballot on October 9. Several candidates want to fish in the blue or right-wing voters’ pond. Dominik Wlazny, on the other hand, could be an offer for the disappointed left-wing Van der Bellen voters from last time. One does not have to find the personnel offer for the Hofburg exhilarating. But to have a (personality) choice, that should be appreciated and one should also exercise one’s right to vote.

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