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Oö. Volksblatt: “The path of ‘Toni'” (by Dominik HENNERBICHLER)


Edition of August 24, 2022

Linz (OTS) – One month before the state elections in Tyrol on September 25, “
Toni,” as ÖVP top candidate Anton Mattle likes to be called in the holy land, is speaking plainly. There will be no coalition with him and the “Blues”, a cooperation is “unthinkable”. This is unusual, since traditionally people in Austria like to leave all options open. In the rarest of cases, voters know before the election exactly what they will get for their vote, or what they will definitely not get.
But “Toni” chooses a different path. And this despite the fact that, according to the polls, things are not looking rosy for the Tyrolean ÖVP at the moment. A clear victory for the blacks – even with the historically lowest values of around 30 percent – seems like a “gmahde Wiesn”. But the worse the result is in the end, the more difficult it will be to find a government partner. So breaking away from a potential partner in advance is consistent, but above all courageous. From the black perspective, we can only hope that Toni’s courage will be rewarded. In the end, every additional percentage point increases not only the choice for the ÖVP, but presumably also the stability of a future state government. And stability is probably more desirable than ever in these times.

Oö. Volksblatt, Editor-in-Chief
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