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SP-Hernals Jagsch: Increased road safety confirms our efforts


Vienna (OTS/SPW) – New figures on road safety show successes of the SPÖ Hernals.

The traffic accident balance in Hernals can be seen: In 2020, there were 124 accidents with personal injury in the 17th district compared to 150 accidents the year before. This represents a decrease of around 17 percent.

This trend has been apparent for several years: In 2012, there were still 210 accidents with personal injury in the district, which results in a decrease of about 41 percent in the period until 2020. The 124 accidents resulted in 142 people injured, with 14 people seriously injured and 128 people suffering minor injuries. What is particularly gratifying about the accident statistics is that no person was killed in traffic in 2020 and also that there were no accidents on the way to school. “This confirms our efforts to defuse places with an increased risk of accidents and to make them safer,” SPÖ district leader Peter Jagsch is pleased to say.

Every accident is one too many

As pleasing as the decrease in accidents is – every accident in which people are injured is one too many. Not every accident can be avoided through traffic policy and construction measures. All the more reason for the district, experts and police to work together in the traffic commission headed by SPÖ district councilor Wolfgang Veleta to constantly improve traffic safety in Hernals. District leader Jagsch places particular emphasis on walking. To this end, a “Walking Master Plan” is currently being developed, which will focus on particularly frequented pedestrian routes, pedestrian-friendliness and traffic safety.

Another priority of Hernals’ traffic policy is safety on the way to school. Here, in addition to structural measures, protective paths will be made even more visible by red borders, such as at the intersections of Kalvarienberggasse with Rötzergasse and Geblergasse. “I ask all road users to drive particularly considerately now. Especially for school beginners, the daily way to school may still be unfamiliar in the first time,” Jagsch asks.

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