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CATL signs five-year strategic cooperation agreement with SERES to supply Qilin batteries for new AITO models


On August 27, CATL and SERES jointly announced that Qilin batteries will power new AITO models. The two sides signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement for a period of five years, which stipulates that all AITO models will be equipped with EV batteries from CATL.

The conclusion of the strategic cooperation agreement represents a comprehensive update of the partnership that the two sides established in 2021. As CATL’s third-generation CTP technology, the Qilin batteries used in the new AITO models represent the world’s highest level of integration for battery systems. With a record-breaking volume utilization efficiency of 72% and an energy density of up to 255 Wh/kg, it is capable of achieving a range of over 1,000 km. By using the breakthrough large-area cell cooling technology, Qilin also supports hot start in 5 minutes and fast charge in 10 minutes. Qilin-powered models will increase range by 10% and deliver overall improvements in range, fast charging, safety, life cycle, efficiency and low-temperature performance.

Richard Yu, Executive Director, CEO of Consumer BG and CEO of Intelligent Automotive Solution BU of Huawei, said, “The high product quality, good consumer experience and excellent service are the main reasons why AITO models are attractive to consumers. Huawei, SERES and CATL are committed to developing innovative technologies and high-quality products, and we will continue to innovate and bring the most powerful and advanced technologies to the AITO models to provide consumers with a truly intelligent driving experience.”

Zhang Xinghai, Founder and Chairman of SERES, said, “CATL is a global leader in innovative technologies, and its technological strengths and mass production experience are obvious to all. I am confident that the new AITO models, supported by SERES’ advanced new energy technologies and outstanding smart manufacturing capabilities, as well as Huawei’s leading technologies in the ICT industry and CATL’s latest Qilin batteries, will provide customers with a unique driving experience.”

“The signing of the long-term strategic cooperation agreement shows our determination to leverage cutting-edge traction battery technologies to enable our partners to build a high-end global car brand. It also demonstrates our confidence in succeeding with our joint efforts in the era of smart electric vehicles,” said Dr. Robin Zeng, founder and chairman of CATL.

It is only 65 days until CATL unveils production models with Qilin inside after the battery’s launch, underscoring CATL’s commitment to market and customer demand for battery products with long range, ultra-fast charging and high safety. This is another milestone in the development of smart electric vehicles that will accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

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