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Throw a karaoke party – these are the tips you should follow


You can find the original article here: Throw a karaoke party – These tips you should consider

Many feel it as the absolute maximum penalty on a fete, others can not get enough of it: Karaoke. When amateurs take up the microphone, it can lead to “ear cancer” among the listeners, but on the other hand, the fun factor is pretty high, if the party is well organized. To ensure that the karaoke party is not a flop, however, the following advice should be taken to heart.

Karaoke conquers the world for 50 years from Japan

Karaoke is derived from the Japanese terms “Karappo” (empty) and “Okesutura

” (orchestra). The first karaoke parties took place in the 1970s in the Japanese city of Kobe. An enterprising bar owner wanted to attract new guests and create a unique atmosphere in his establishment.

What began as harmless fun spread like a pandemic across the entire planet over the course of half a century. In the 1990s, numerous karaoke bars sprang up in Germany and throughout Europe.

On Greek vacation islands, British expatriates in particular made a killing with their mobile karaoke systems, which they set up in a different hotel each evening, providing brilliant entertainment for hotel guests.

Today, the technology has developed so well that almost everyone is able to organize a proper karaoke party at home. However, the appropriate supporting program must not be missing.

Karaoke party – colorful and shrill

Only singing can become a bit boring with time. Suitable for any singing party, for example, is the colorful and flashy karaoke party slot that can be started on a PC or several laptops in the room. So if you want, you can also play karaoke party. Anyway, the design of the slot perfectly fits the karaoke chic. The fun of playing Karaoke Party online is not because of the possible winnings, but mainly because of the unusual implementation of this slot. More information about the Karaoke Party slot is also available at

In order to give the karaoke party the right spice, it is important to involve all participants as much as possible and to create appropriate incentives. Who may not sing even, can take therefore also in the jury place, which evaluates the individual contributions in further consequence. For example, a Eurovision song contest can be re-enacted on one evening. In addition to the supporting program, however, it is above all the equipment that is important to ensure that the karaoke party is a complete success.

With professional equipment it is much more fun

Nowadays, not much more is needed for a karaoke party than a sound system, a tablet and a microphone. Alternatively, the PlayStation version 4 or 3 also provides a good starting point. The best karaoke games for the PS4 include “The Voice of Germany” and “Let’s Sing 2018 with German Hits”.

However, it is still more fun with reasonably professional equipment. There are now numerous programs available for download for PCs and laptops that can make the party almost as professional as in a karaoke bar.

A karaoke program with a high fun factor is Ultra Star Deluxe. The way it works is somewhat reminiscent of “SingStar” from the PlayStation. The download is free of charge. In this case, the community itself provides the corresponding content by constantly uploading new songs to the server.

Those who are afraid of the many crooked tones, on the other hand, can download “Voloco” onto their computer, because this software works with a built-in auto-tune effect that straightens out the crooked tones of the singers. Voloco is not only available for the PC, but also for Android and Apple smartphones.

Simply rent a karaoke system

Numerous providers in Germany now rent professional karaoke sets for events and private parties. The sets consist of a vocal monitor, several microphones with at least one stand, a tablet PC on which the corresponding software is installed, and a song database with up to 20,000 songs.

The costs for this are kept within reasonable limits. Entry-level prices are just over 100 euros for a day’s rental. The systems are so compact that they can be shipped throughout Germany within one working day. Training as a rocket scientist is not required to put the system into operation. For those who still have difficulties, an assembly manual is included anyway.

If you want to concentrate fully on the singing and don’t want to bother with the technology, you can also rent the system with a DJ who will take over the complete organization. This has a big advantage: Because of the routine of the professional there are no long pauses between the songs, which often lead to the fact that the mood tilts.

However, it should be noted here the somewhat longer lead time when booking, because the DJs usually have a very busy schedule. The costs also rise as a result, of course. The entry prices for an evening with DJ are around 300 to 400 euros. For larger parties, however, the costs can also be divided among all visitors.

Who will tell the neighbors?

Only one last question remains: Who informs the neighborhood? This is absolutely necessary, because at a decent karaoke party it can get a bit noisy. Especially with the increasing alcohol level of the guests, the volume of the protagonists often increases as well.

If the policeman at the front door is supposed to be a stripper at best, then it is therefore advisable to inform the neighbors in advance that it might get a bit louder that evening. To take the wind out of their sails, they can also be invited to the party.

However, if the intolerance of the neighbors is to be expected in advance, it is advisable to possibly rent a location nearby. In addition to avoiding conflicts, this also has the advantage that your own apartment will still look nice and clean the next day, despite a boisterous party.

And who knows, maybe a new star will shine at the end of the karaoke party, like Claudia Heinken, for example, who made it from the karaoke basement to the stage of The Voice of Germany and shone there with the song “Proud Mary”.

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