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New Zealand Insights: Most popular search on PornHub


PornHub conducted another audience study. This time the company’s blog published statistics for New Zealand. 

The most popular search among Kiwis is “lesbian”, followed by “milf” and “asian”. Seraches for “Maori”, the indigenous people of New Zealand, are greater than those containing “New Zealand”.

Statisticians next looked at the top relative searches, which are the terms that are proportionately more popular in New Zealand when compared to the rest of the world. Kiwis are +797% more likely to search for “swimsuit”, +561% more into “wake up morning sex” and 523% more into “yoga pants”.

Pornhub’s video categories are the same throughout the world, so the following chart indicates the type of porn that is most often viewed in New Zealand. Lesbian tops the list, followed by Threesome and Transgender.

The following chart shows which categories are proportionately more likely to be viewed in New Zealand when compared to the rest of the world. Kiwis are +941% more likely to view Safe for Work content on Pornhub, +210% more into Female Friendly videos, and +111% more likely to watch Virtual Reality content.

The gay categories more popular include +62% for uncut and +48% for Euro videos.

The following chart illustrates the top relative search terms for each region of New Zealand, when compared to the rest of the country. For example, Waikato is more likely to search for “Maori”, Bay of Plenty for “Pillow Humping”, Southland for “Creampie” and Otago for “Bikini”.

Below you can see the video categories that are more likely to be viewed in each region when compared to the rest of New Zealand. The results are proportional, with the percent value indicating the difference in popularity when compared to the national average.

Earlier it became known that Sky Bri was one of the twenty most popular actresses on PornHub.

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