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Brave2Bloom Conference: A Unique Blend of Business and Art in Tallinn


Tallinn will host the first-ever Brave2Bloom (B2B) conference on April 3 and 4 at Kultuurikatel, Estonia. The conference is set to bring together top business experts and world-class artists under one roof to inspire and expand the entrepreneurial opportunities for conference guests.

B2B is a unique conference that combines business and art, aiming to create a new image of Ukrainians in Europe. The conference’s ingenious format provides visitors with a chance to absorb know-how speeches from business sector gurus on the Grow stage and experience live performances and master classes from artists on the Bloom stage.

The event also features the Courage stage, where visitors can meet inspiring examples of sustaining power among crisis messes. Alongside an intensely motivated audience, there will be an opportunity to network and collaborate on a platform accompanied by an audio-visual program. Parcipants include the likes of Gucci, Chloe, IKEA, Petcube, Spend with Ukraine, Carer Women Initiative, Krisán Kövér, John Elsgeest, and Lesia Romaniuk.

B2B aims to find the symbiosis of business and art enriching, rather than confusing. The two industries have a lot to learn from each other, especially in these times of drastic changes that all industries are facing.

“Business needs creativity and inspiration. Art needs structure and technology. Both need to grow and bloom,” says Khrystyna Didukh, the author of B2B. “Therefore, B2B gathers business experts and artists under one roof to share ideas on how to optimize your business and stand the challenges.”

The conference also focuses on environmental and social responsibility, gender equality, encouraging entrepreneurship among women, and sustainable business models. B2B was initiated by a Ukrainian entrepreneur with the aim of rebuilding Ukraine and supporting the Ukrainian people.

In addition to physical participation, B2B provides an opportunity for online participation, with e-tickets providing access to the conference records for three months. For those who cannot afford the ticket, B2B has a special option called “Take it if you need it,” where individuals can write a motivation letter via the conference’s webpage to be considered for a free ticket. Those who share B2B’s goals and commitment to Ukraine can also buy a ticket for someone who needs it.

Attendees are guaranteed to leave the conference feeling inspired to take their efforts to the next level, with a plan to grow their company, brand, and sales, and most importantly, bloom.

B2B is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and artists to come together to learn from each other and grow both their businesses and creativity, proving that no matter what, one can be brave enough to bloom.


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