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Hilton Announces Plan to Recruit 1,500 Refugees at European Hotels


Hilton Worldwide, a renowned hotel company, has revealed its ambitious plan to hire 1,500 refugees across Europe over the next three years. The announcement was made during the Tent Foundation European Business Summit held in Paris, where Hilton highlighted its commitment to creating five million learning and career growth opportunities globally by 2030. This initiative, in collaboration with Tent Partnership for Refugees, aims to provide employment pathways for underrepresented groups, including refugees, minorities, persons with disabilities, military veterans, and their families. The move not only supports Hilton’s goal but also helps address the staffing needs of the hospitality industry following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hilton’s Commitment and Partnership: Since 2018, Hilton has been working closely with Tent Partnership for Refugees, making it the first hospitality company to collaborate with the organization. In the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region alone, Hilton has already hired over 400 refugees across 73 hotels since 2022. This new commitment to recruit 1,500 additional refugees further solidifies Hilton’s dedication to creating diverse and inclusive work environments.

Driving Career Pathways and Opportunities: Laura Fuentes, Hilton’s Chief Human Resources Officer, emphasized that Hilton’s purpose is rooted in spreading the light and warmth of hospitality, serving as a beacon of hope and an engine of opportunity. By partnering with Tent and focusing on employment pathways for underrepresented groups, Hilton aims to provide individuals with the necessary resources and support to build meaningful careers. This initiative aligns with Hilton’s broader vision to create diverse and inclusive career pathways for all.

Industry-wide Commitment: Hilton’s pledge to recruit refugees is part of a growing trend among industry leaders. Marriott International, for instance, has made a similar commitment, aiming to hire over 1,500 refugees in the United States by 2025 and an additional 1,500 refugees in Europe by 2026. These hiring commitments from major players in the hospitality industry demonstrate their recognition of the valuable contributions that refugees and other underrepresented groups can make to their organizations.

Hilton’s announcement to recruit 1,500 refugees at its European hotels is a significant step towards creating inclusive work environments and providing employment opportunities to those who have been displaced. By partnering with Tent Partnership for Refugees, Hilton reaffirms its commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive career pathways. This initiative not only contributes to Hilton’s ambitious goal of creating five million learning and career growth opportunities globally by 2030 but also addresses the industry’s staffing needs following the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. As Hilton and other industry leaders pave the way, it is clear that the hospitality sector recognizes the potential and value of embracing a diverse workforce.


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