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Samariterbund: Heat wave leads to more rescue operations


Blue light organization registers significantly more heat-related emergency calls

Vienna (OTS) – Midsummer temperatures are expected to continue in Austria. And the persistent heat is a challenge for the body that should not be underestimated. Already in recent days, according to Michael Berger, head of rescue and ambulance services at Samariterbund Vienna, there has been an increase in calls for help due to the hot weather. According to Michael Berger, head of rescue and ambulance services at Samariterbund Vienna, the past few days have already seen an increase in call-outs due to the hot weather. “On days with extreme heat, the volume of operations increases by up to 20%. Typical emergencies in summer include, for example, heat cramps triggered by loss of fluids, heat exhaustion and circulatory collapse.” In particular, the elderly, infants, young children, chronically ill patients, pregnant women and people who have to work outdoors often face problems in temperatures beyond 30 degrees. “However, no one should take the heat lightly!” warns Jürgen Grassl, federal training manager of the Samariterbund: “In this weather situation, I advise everyone, even the most athletic person, to move strenuous physical activities to the morning or evening hours.”

Drinking enough is the be-all and end-all

However, Jürgen Grassl knows that the most important thing is to drink enough: “Our body loses a lot of fluid through sweating – that’s why you should drink a lot in hot weather, at least 3 liters a day. Tap water, mineral water or diluted fruit juices are recommended”. Attention! Especially older people often feel less thirsty and thus forget about sufficient fluid intake. “Motivate older people, but also children, to drink and contact single people regularly,” Grassl appeals. By the way, drinks containing alcohol, sugar or caffeine should be avoided. In addition, the expert recommends switching to a light diet on heat days.

With cool head by the hot days

Who can, should remain during the day in the shade or in darkened areas. For urgent outdoor activities, make sure to wear sunscreen, headgear and airy clothing, preferably made of cotton. “Children in particular should also wear headgear in the water to reduce the risk of sunstroke,” advises Samaritan. Under no circumstances should children or animals be left in a car while shopping, for example – not even in the shade with the window slightly open. A parked car heats up to 70 degrees in just a few minutes at an outside temperature of 30 degrees!

Pay attention to those around you

“Heat waves are particularly challenging for vulnerable people. Therefore, please pay attention not only to yourself, but also to children and elderly people around you. And do not hesitate to make an emergency call at the number 144 in case of critical signs!”, Jürgen Grassl concludes.

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