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Tiroler Tageszeitung, editorial, issue of August 13, 2022. by BENEDIKT MAIR. “Delivered without reason”.


Innsbruck (OTS) – Tyrolean clubs and institutions often lack concepts to protect children and young people they work with from abuse and violence. The effort would be manageable. Unfortunately, so is the awareness of the problem.

When it happens, no one wants to have suspected anything beforehand. When cases of violence or abuse against children, both psychological and physical, come to light, there is a great deal of excitement. Particularly when they have occurred in the environment of clubs or institutions to which the boys or girls were entrusted without much hesitation. Consequences must follow. Usually, calm returns quickly when the first heads roll. And when it happens again, no one wants to have suspected anything beforehand.
How can they, if no one talks to the potential victims? How can they, if they are not offered the opportunity to report border violations in a low-threshold manner? In numerous Tyrolean organizations that work with minors, both voluntarily and full-time, there is a lack of concepts to prevent assaults. The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate has been calling for such plans for some time. Quite rightly. And unfortunately in vain.
The effort required to improve the situation for those in need of protection would be manageable. Trusted persons would have to be appointed, who would be specially trained and then provide advice and assistance – on the spot, directly and without complications. Potentially risky situations – such as moments when young children are alone with adults – should be analyzed so that they can be defused. Small steps that can prevent great suffering. Too few sports clubs, music bands, schools, boarding schools, choirs and similar institutions have understood this so far.
So if the will to take action on their own is lacking, at some point the legislature will have to intervene. Fire safety officers are required at every festival, and every grouping needs a person responsible for data protection. Why is there still no mandatory person of trust for abuse and violence? Political decision-makers also seem to have little awareness of the problem.
In the same way that the rights of children and young people are often ignored, not taken into account or regarded as dispensable. In all the major issues and challenges of today, the coming generations, their wishes and needs, unfortunately play a marginal role – from inflation to education. A rethink is needed; the admonishing words of the experts must finally be taken seriously. If failures of the current policy become enormous problems, no one can say in any case, he did not suspect it.

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